Coffee my love?

Gorgeous Feeka

Gorgeous Feeka

Feeka Coffee roasters is the latest addition to one of our favorite street in town – Jalan Mesui. If the swinging street is vibrant at night with its various bars, restaurants and jazz club, it shows a totally different face in the morning, a very relaxed and quiet one.

Stop by Feeka for some top quality coffee, as coffee aficionados will agree. The expresso is as tiny and powerful as the one you would drink in Italy, and the cakes displayed on the counter as tempting as the ones in those high end cooking magazines. On the menu there are also some pretty nice options for breakfast / lunch / dinner, from French egg toasts till Salsa Seabass, all that for a very reasonable price.

The name Feeka comes from the swedish ritual of ‘fika’, which means gathering with friends, family or colleagues for a coffee – and maybe some smörgås to eat along with it. So it will come as no surprise that the interior of Feeka Coffee Roasters is very zen and sober, nordic style, with some cosy chairs as the ones pictured here, and some more simple yet trendy wooden and metal chairs around.

The crowd is very diverse, the atmosphere chilled out and the service very lovely. Everything is lovable about Feeka, a work of utter genius.


With whom? Lovey dove, friends, business    

Bill @ Feeka

Bill @ Feeka

Price range? RM7 – RM25

Favorite place ? a quiet table outside


Contact: Feeka, 19 Jalan Mesui– Kuala Lumpur :: 03-2110 4599

Opening hours: everyday, 9am – 12am


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