Jalan Mesui rocks

jalan mesuiWhere can you find in Kuala Lumpur a street with a nice mix of concerts, relaxed venues, good food, roof top terraces, jazz, and also live music while sipping a peruvian Pisco? Well the last hint might have put you on the right track – in  Jalan Mesui, the new place to be and party in KL.

Just nearby the very touristic Changkat Bukit Bintang, Jalan mesui has recently seen some new restaurants & bars opening. Nearby the well established Palatte Palette and No Black tie – Pisco bar, the Establishment, table 23, and Limablas – are the new flavor, and we are already eager to know which bar is going to be instead of the italian restaurant Delucca.

So how to choose where to go? Well, if you cannot indulge on a ‘pub crawl’ and try them all in one night, here is a short briefing to help you plan your evening (more details on the dedicated pages of this blog)

  • The Establishment : at the corner of Jalan Mesui, this bar & club delivers all what you need to have a fun evening. Downstairs to unwind with a few delicious cocktails, next level for clubbing and last but not least, to chill out after all this dancing: the open roof terrace
  • Pisco Bar: this is definitely my favorite – a dynamic place to eat delicious tapas, drink pisco, but also dance with a mixed crowd of lovely locals and foreigners. The latest addition to the bar is the level upstairs that hosts every week a new live band / DJs – always a very good selection!
  • Table 23: here the atmosphere is more appropriate for a seated lunch / dinner  with asian and western options (amongst which an unbelievable Chocolate Guinness Cake). A local favorite, in a good atmosphere, with good food

    table 23

    Table 23

  • Palate Palette: One of the first establishment in this street. Very chill out, very cosy. The program  will allow you to go to electro swing parties, electro, trance or even movie night.
  • No Black tie: Jazz fan? this is for you my friend. A very good selection of jazz, concerts almost everyday. How lovely.
  • Limablas: I personally do not appreciate this place, apart from its decorum. I was highly disappointed by the service and the food, hence it doesn’t appear in this blog
  • PS: if you finish a bit late in Jalan Mesui, there is a wonderful indian restaurant just at the corner, Nagasari Curry House… brilliant cheese naan that can give energy even to the, hum, happiest ones!

What will be your first choice?

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Pisco Bar