Pisco Bar – tapas, cerveza y mas

Let's party like Warhol @ Pis

Let’s party like Warhol

If you have been to South America you might be familiar with the brilliant Pisco – grape brandy both Peru and Chile are fighting ownership over – and most likely eagerly looking for a place to drink a perfectly balanced one… and if you don’t, this is the ideal place to give it a try !

In this groovy restaurant & bar, you can dance, chat, enjoy a drink (Pisco, and much more) or a meal while overlooking some great art like this black and white Warhol picture on the walls. It’s the ideal place to unwind, listen to some of the best Djs around town, or even try to participate to an open mic! Many events are organized regularly and the eclectic and always sharp music choice will insure you one of the best party ever. The owners are a lovely mix from Spain & Malaysia, the chef is half Japanese half Peruvian and the result is an explosive and brilliant cocktail of cultures.

The menu contains the typical peruvian food – fish ceviche, empanadas, croquetas – with a japanese twist. It actually gives the food a lighter and more refined taste, that could be qualified as gastronomic peruvian food, if that exists, and will ravish your palate. The dishes can be shared since they are mostly tapas – allowing you to taste many different ones and indulge in a tapas galore!

If you are not hungry and just want to enjoy some good drinks, the wine list is extensive and contains some tasty italian wines. You can also go for cocktails, and you will see a lot of tequila shots going around.

Oh yes, this is a lively, funny, dancing place to go!

With who ? Friends, lovey dovey Bill @ Pisco

Price range ? 28 – 45RM / dish

Favorite place ? on a High table outside, easy to get up to dance


Contact: 03-2142 2900 – 29 Jalan Mesui, Off changkat Butkit Bintang, KL

Open Tuesday to sunday 5pm – 3am

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