Pork Cutlets Brilliance @ Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen

Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen

Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen knows how to make a statement Pork cutlet – “Tonkatsu” in Japanese – and a flavorful Japanese curry.

The food in this very zen restaurant is excellent, the star of the menu being the cutlets of pork (Hire katsu) or loin (Rosu katsu) breaded and deep fried. Even though the deep fried notion can seem unappealing (unhealthy?) to a newbie, this traditional japanese dish from the 19th century is performed at Tonkatsu with a subtle delicateness, creating a crispy and light katsu while keeping the meat tender and juicy. The perfect mix of both textures is a delightful treat for food lovers.

It is succulent, and the accompanying shredded cabbage is the ideal palate cleanser, while the miso soup has the right balance of chewy shitake mushroom and tofu. The set is complete with a bowl of rice. To add more flavor to your tonkatsu, don’t forget to grind your own sesame dressing in the dedicated bowl, by adding vinegar and soy sauce to your grinder sesame seeds. I found this especially relaxing and zen, and was also very appreciative of the service.

Another luscious dish served at Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen is the Japanese curry – a katsu coming with a mildly spiced curry, cooked perfectly and creating a delicious explosion of savors.

The menu also gives the possibility to taste a very creative lavender ice cream that seems to be as famous as the brilliant cutlets – I sadly couldn’t try it after this feast, and thus need to plan another visit ASAP!

With whom? Business, lovey dovey, friends   

Bill @ Tonkatsu

Bill @ Tonkatsu

Price range? RM30 – RM80

Favorite place ? table by the window


Contact: Tonkatsu by Wa kitchen @ Pavilion 6th Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintang – 03-2144 2992 

Opening hours: everyday 12pm – 10pm 

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