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zucchini tagliatelles & fish

zucchini tagliatelles & fish

Mention the name “Living food” to any vegetarian, clean eating and health conscious friend, and you are sure to draw an intake of breath. Whether you are falling in one of those categories or not, Living food is synonymous with delicious AND healthy food.

As per the Manifesto of Living Food, the owners are taking the food business – and yourself! – very seriously, aiming at providing the best organic, fresh and delicious food to their clients. Even the water is purified and ionized through the Japanese Kangen process, which allegedly have more benefits for your skin and internal organs.  Supplies come from organic farmers for the eggs, grass fed and free range meat, tofu, sprouted grains/seeds. The bread is baked on site from Living Food own sprouted seeds of organic wheat and unbleached wheat/rye flour, to retain maximum nutrients.Bread insider tips: try the shroom sandwich with its fresh and crispy side salad and stunning foccacia, or if you fancy some protein, the Salmon is highly recommendable, and so is the Turkey one – lean protein, delicious ingredients, savory assemblage of flavors.

Living Food serves two types of food on the menu: Living Food – food prepared at below-42°C to retain phytonutrients and enzymes – and Wholesome Food – purely organic and baked daily, free of preservatives, softening agents, colorings or artificial flavors. I especially enjoyed the raw zucchini tagliatelles and their accompanying grilled fish, with an inch of spices to liven things up: pure deliciousness. The fresh juices are very energizing and the coffee are also perfectly mastered.

Living food, where healthy meets yummy! (and where your body will want to come back often for its daily intake of gorgeousness)

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Bill @ Living food

Bill @ Living food

Price range? RM15 – RM35

Favorite place ? a table close to the counter


Contact: Menara Tan & Tan, 207 Jalan Tun razak – Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours: monday saturday: 8am – 7pm, sunday: 9am – 5pm

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