Palate Palette

feet painting

feet painting

Laid back atmosphere in this arty place, where eclectic concerts are organized on Saturdays usually – reggae, electronic music… – and also some movies screening.

It is really pleasant to sit in this quiet ambiance, very relaxed, for few drinks and conversations. You can be in the outside if KL hot wheather doesn’t scare (sweat ?) you !

The fingers food are not especially remarquable, but very useful after few beers / wine / cocktails. Rest of the food is ok, but one again, this is more a place to have some drinks – not really to have a bite

A good value is to take cocktail jugs, that comes handy when very thirsty / many friends drinking together.

With who ? Friends  

Bill @ P Palette

Bill @ P Palette

Price range ? 18 – 35RM / dish

Favorite place ? outside


Contact: +60 3-2142 2148 – 21 Jalan Mesui, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Open wednesday to sunday 12pm – 12am

Food in KL – Palate Palette – Jalan Mesui