TOP 5 places to eat healthy (and yummy) in Kuala Lumpur

IMG_1054Because we have been (over) indulging during the holidays, or simply because we are always on the lookout for healthy food, here is a list of the healthy dining options in Kuala Lumpur. Since our better half or friends might not be in the same mood, it also contains restaurants offering hearty options … for them!

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  • Simple life : one of my most recent healthy discovery. The food is organic, MSG and transfat free : heaven. Some delicious Ramen, Sour and spicy Brown rice, Bee Hoon soup and much more await you in the stall of Simple Life at KLCC food court and Lot 10. It is super yummy, while being super healthy. Perfect for those on the lookout of the best local dishes with No-MSG and organic ingredients.
  • Antipodean: another big crush. Extraordinary salads – certainly one of the best in KL – , well balanced recipes using coriander, fresh feta cheese, chickpeas and other feel good veggies that bring all the necessary nutrients to your body for a small number of calories but a with big delicious taste. Your better half can follow your lead or indulge in the all day breakfast / burger / etc. Delicious fresh juices too.
  • Ben’s : easy breezy, the atmosphere is always lively at Ben’s. Of course the menu has many calories-explosive dishes (hello Laksa, pasta and  mushroom pies), and also contains a wide range of delicious salads, such as Ben’s house salad with Edamame and pumpkin seeds. Craving for protein with a spicy twist? try the perfect Thai beef salad.

    yummy Antipodean

    yummy Antipodean

  • Poolside @ grand Hyatt: apart from enjoying the relaxing view on the pool and the zen atmosphere, I a am in love with the delicious and healthy salads on the menu – the greek one being my one of the best I ever tried; crispy, full of flavour and few calories (and think about the famous greek diet). The grilled fish is another top dish that will keep you on the safe side, while your friends can indulge on a well prepared Laksa or Nasi Lemak.
  • Living Food:  The chef and owner at Living Food are passionate about health, and this appears in every single item on the menu.This is certainly the best place to eat healthy in KL. From the raw vegetables till the organic poultry and fish cooked at low temperature to preserve most of the nutrients, there is an exquisite taste and amazing assemblage of savors that works very well. The benefits are here for the palate and the body – no useless fat, added sugar or MSG here- only healthy and delicious products. Even the water is filtered using the japanese technique of Kangen. Don’t miss the juices, they are good energizing / cleansing options.

Go on, have a blast – healthy food makes your body feel good, your mind happy!

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