Buzzing @ Troika SkyDeck

The amazing new Troika F&B creation

The amazing new Troika Skydeck

Teaser alert! **** Troika is cooking us a new F&B option, including its usual glamorous and casual chic ingredients. It involves a gorgeous open air terrace, high level spanish tapas, and the best view on the twin towers!  We can’t wait half / end of november to go there… for any good (or bad!) reason ****

… and we were super glad to go there and take a good long first feel of this new place – already my new favorite – for the opening evening of the Wine Fiesta party 2013, on friday 24th of october. This fair is organized by The straits Wine company, Singapore, and has been running for 6 years now. Hurray! Long Live the wine fiesta! The 60 winemakers from all over the world are traveling between Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines to make you discover their creations, best wines, and allow you to taste some unsuspected savors and assemblages. The highlights of this tasting obviously included some french wines; I was especially excited to find a small producer of Blanc de Blanc Champagne – a very rare and elaborated kind of champagne since only four villages are allowed to produce it – and it was delicious. The Italian wines were also very satisfying including some flavory Barbera d’Asti and Montepulciano. The winemakers were very helpful and a very pleasant atmosphere filled with fun and passion (for wine!) had us discovering great wines and stories on the making.

And the setting for the Wine fiesta couldn’t have been better – on this beautiful night, sipping exquisite wine while enjoying and unequaled view on the Petronas towers, probably the best place to enjoy the KL skyline. The place is not opened yet since there is a bit more of construction work that needs to be done, but the kitchen was, which allowed us to have a first peak (taste) at the cuisine, and it is simply fantastic. Tasty grilled lambed with a hint of herbs and marinate, some adventurous variations around fishes in small bouchées that revealed to be exquisite, oysters for the aficionados, and much more! In a nutshell: a true and beautiful modern tapas galore.

The name of this new heaven is Troika Sky Deck for now – and I can only advice you to keep an eye on this blog in November to learn more – or directly try your luck at Troika Sky dining, on your best outfit and mood of course.