Big up for Ben’s @ Pavilion

BensI love going to Ben’s – with friens, locals or visiting – it is one of those places where eveyone will conveniently find something to his taste. You know when you are meeting with friends one of them wants to eat asian food, but the other is more into western or pasta, then… what option do you have ? I am telling you : Ben’s. The menu ranges from asian salads – crab & papaye salad, thaï beef salad, – to more classic ones – the cesar’s -, and also has a wide range of pasta, once again western or asian. You can also have a sandwich, some fish n’chips… or some laksa and other typical Hainanese food !

Ben’s in Pavilion gets my favours because of its terrasse. It has an indoor room, which I don’t appreciate that much to be honest (feels like in a canteen), but I really enjoy the outdoor area. Usually it is not very crowded, and you can be either on relaxing sofas or at a more formal table. This terrasse is surrounded by plants and you can view the trafic on bukit bintang, which is in a way, very typical from KL.

If you enjoy salads, go for them, they are delicious. I especially recommend the beef thaï salad. Regarding the dishes, the pasta with an asian twist and the Laksa are big hits too !

With whom ? Business, Friends, lovey dovey  bill bens

Price range ? 22 – 50RM / dish

Favorite place ? on the terrasse  definitely ! 


Opening hours: Ben’s @ Pavilion, level 6, Bukit Bintang, KL – 10am – 11pm

Food in KL – Ben’s – Pavilion – Kuala Lumpur