Healthy body @ Simple Life KLCC

IIMG_1187 am always looking for healthy options, with a limited amount of fat, no MSG, organic products, and if possible, all that at an affordable price and made beautifully to ravish my palate.

So looking for such a kind of food in a food court might seem foolish, a lost cause: on the contrary! In the KLCC food court located at the 2nd floor, amongst the MacDonalds and other deep fried stands, there is this stall: Simple Life.

Simple as cooking with simple yet organic ingredients, simple as serving traditional simple dishes such as the ‘organic multi grain porridge’, or the delicious ‘Mee Hoon Kueh in organic black bean soup’, or a ‘brown rice Nasi Lemak’  – and much more. I have to say that the taste is even better than is some stalls where you ended up feeling full with a tasteless soup. Here it is not the case, you are actually enjoying organic vegetables that have consistence, color and taste and go perfectly with the ramen, noodles or wholegrain rice. It gives a more modern and healthy twist to delicious classics and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The waiting line shows it anyways – it is a big hit amongst the food court customers, male or female. Hence you will have to wait a bit – since this disappointment was quickly overlooked by the great food, I recommend it warmly. Your body will thank you.


**** Simple life is also available… at your place! The great Food Panda is delivering your fix of healthy food, at home – quite convenient when stuck at home / raining season / laziness is in the air! Have a look at their website, the happy panda actually delivers a large choice of good food to you  : ****


With whom? business, friends    

Bill @ simple life

Bill @ simple life

Price range? RM10 – RM20 

Favorite place ? table facing the park


Contact: Simple life, Suria KLCC Foodcourt level 2, stall 11 KLCC – 03 2181 7800

Opening hours: 11am – 9.30pm

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