Yummy Teppanyaki

Originated from Japan, this cooking on hot plate style is now internationnaly renowned and going to the one in Pavilion Food court is a great way to experience it. The counter is quite… Continue reading

And the newcomer is… Table 23 !

This is the newest addition to the very cool and trendy Jalan Mesui. For the record, it is called table 23 because there are 23 tables, now you can brag in front of… Continue reading

Palate Palette

Laid back atmosphere in this arty place, where eclectic concerts are organized on Saturdays usually – reggae, electronic music… – and also some movies screening. It is really pleasant to sit in this… Continue reading

Pisco Bar – tapas, cerveza y mas

If you have been to South America you might be familiar with the brilliant Pisco – grape brandy both Peru and Chile are fighting ownership over – and most likely eagerly looking for a place to… Continue reading

The Establishment

Are you looking for good cocktails in the city, for a breezy place to sip it, with some good music in the background to make you want to dance ? Fear no more, since KL… Continue reading

ABC, definitely as easy as 1 2 3

ABC or Acme Bar & Coffee is easy, just as M Jackson song. There is no music in the background though, so it must come from something else. Don’t be fooled by the name :… Continue reading

In love with DB Bistro Moderne

Singapore is famous for many things, amongst which its architecture and its cuisine (also the expats and the malls but this is another subject). In Marina Bay Sands, road signs will even guide… Continue reading

Edgy Kinki Bar

One of my favorite things in Singapore is to watch the Marina Bay Sands (or MBS as the locals call it). I mean, I never get tired of the building bold shape designed by… Continue reading

PS Café… PS:I love you

One of my local friend took us to PS café, in Dempsey hills, on a glorious saturday morning. It is a 10 minutes taxi ride from orchard road, but as soon as you… Continue reading

50th post Competition

*** The competition has now ended! Our two winners have been rewarded by a RM20 voucher each to use on Food Panda – the best way to get your favorite treats delivered at home… Continue reading