Smoking hot PULP

Choosing coffee wisely @ Pulp

Choosing coffee wisely @ Pulp

A coffee-shop in an art printing factory & storehouse in Bangsar? This has cachet written all over it.

Cutting edge PULP By Papa Palheta, the Singaporean team behind Chye Seng Huat Hardware & Loysel’s Toy cafes, features excellent coffee from freshly roasted blends and single origins beans, served in attitude and ambiance.

The industrial chic coffee shop is set in an inviting and bright warehouse with big windows providing the shop with an airy feel. Mismatched stools and tables mix with a vintage paper cutting machine from western Germany and a cheery abundance of colourful blooms.The rough outdoor space allows to caffeinate in peace, far from the crowd of java drinkers.

The friendly baristas serves delicious coffee – full body or acidic, your call – with scrumptious pastries. Connoisseurs can also bring back home some of the locally brewed java – Throwback (dark chocolate, Rich, heavy body), Nuts + Bolts (nutty, grapefruit) are amongst the top hits.

PULP general welcoming atmosphere makes you want to come back and try all of the Instagram friendly spots, with your delectable coffee and pastry in hand.


With whom? Friends, lovey dove, business  

Bill @ Pulp

Bill @ Pulp

Price range? RM10 – RM20

Favorite place ? seated around the vintage paper cutting machine. 


Contact: Pulp By Papa Palheta, 29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur –  03-2201-3650

Opening hours: 9am-7pm weekdays (except Mondays) & 9am-10pm on weekends

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