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Best scotch eggs. Ever.

Best scotch eggs. Ever.

I love surprises. And books. And great food/cocktails. Oh and amazing service too. Yes, I love all things beautiful, don’t you?

So when I walked into the Study, a quaint restaurant in an old chinese house, complete with books on the walls, dim light and open kitchen, I had this gut feeling that this would be the place. After tasting the revisited scotch eggs – iberico ham and foie gras give it the amazing twist this classic needed – I had no doubts : this hipster chilled out place has it all, from the ambiance till the food. Then came the fish and chips on a wooden board with homemade chips and its own little vinegar bottle. And the bone narrow and waggyu beef was a big hit too, as well as the duck. By this time my fellow dinner companions and I were already in foodie heaven, the Chateauneuf du pape a perfect match for this gorgeous meal prepared by the multi awarded chef Jason Atherton.

Contented and under the spell of the trendy restaurant, I suddenly noticed we were being locked up (which made me very glad, beautiful food and books for the rest of my life, what else could you ask for?), and then a whole wall panel moved and opened on a very intimate speakeasy bar, that can otherwise be accessed through a tailor shop, for those in the knowing.

Off to the bar where amazing cocktails are created by talented bartenders. I would highly recommend the green  cocktail marvel, Shrub a dub dub, served in a tiny bathtub (yes, you read correctly) and its floating rubber duck. Not only is it fun and surprising, but also deliciously tantalising.

I have told enough – book yourself a treat in this underground and arty place, now, and discover by yourself the rest of the surprises this restaurant / bar has to offer.

With whom? lovey dovey, friends  

Shrub a dub dub

Shrub a dub dub

Price range? RM22 – RM90

Favorite place ? Table nearby the open kitchen


Contact: The Library, 47 Keong Saik Road 089151 Singapore, 6221 8338

Opening hours: tuesday – sunday 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

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