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Display of the best Nyonya dishes in town

Display of the best Nyonya dishes in town – With Local chef

Some of my most cherished travels memories revolve around meals shared with locals, from a hamster (cuy) in a countryside peruvian house to italian homemade pasta sprinkled with my host catch of the day, heavenly sea urchins. I thrive authenticity in my travels and found that sharing a meal with locals is one of the best way to connect to the culture and approach the actual lifestyle.

And here comes With Locals, a website to facilitate arrangements between travellers and local cooks: perfect! The founders, two brothers from Netherlands, got very enthusiastic with the food during their South east Asia trip; the culinary diversity and the general kindness of the inhabitants made those two passionate travellers come up with this concept – connect a local host with curious travellers on the lookout for a unique experience.Malaysia was obviously one of the first destination, along with Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

In a gorgeous bungalow on a quiet street of Bangsar, the talented chef St L welcomes guests for a real Penang Nyonya style dinner. She cooks outstanding dishes, using traditional recipes from her mom and one of the best Nyonya chef from Penang. No need to say that she hand picks each ingredient, chooses the most aromatics herbs and grinds everything by hand. The Jiu Hu Char was succulent,  the Assam Pedas Ikan (fish curry), the Tau Ewe Bak (braised pork) and the Otak Otak were to die for. The meal concluded on the best Ais Kacang (ABC) in town, literally. For newbies, this is the signature dessert of Malaysia made with shaved ice, corn, grass jelly, palm nuts – and more! Make sure you contact her in advance to book your dinner; you will be in for a treat and a deep dive into the Malaysian culture, with the most heart warming welcome.

I highly recommend the experience should you be travelling to Malaysia or living here and  looking for the real deal. Talented chefs looking for hosting a dinner are also welcome – just log into the website and register as one or the other. Process is straightforward and covers many countries – perfect for the foodie travellers!

With whom? an adventurous friend  


Ais Kacang

Price range? RM70++ depending of the choice of dinner / experience

Favorite place ? highly recommend St L nyonya dinner!


Contact: https://www.withlocals.com 


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