VCR is in the air

VCR entrance

VCR entrance

Coffee stirs emotions, and is often the starting point of a relationship. As my friend put it the other day – if you cannot share coffee with someone, then you shouldn’t share time with this person at all.

So the coffee matter is a very serious one, hence my quest for the ideal coffee place. The one. Where I would feel at ease, able to come on my own to read my newspapers, girly magazine (Come here Elle Malaysia), and other books I have ongoing. The one where I could also bring my friends, my addicted-to-coffee husband, my girlfriends for chit chat – and see them in awe of this wonderful and cosy place that I was the only one to know of (obviously). And, it goes without saying, where the baristas are experts in the art of coffee making – also offering a wide selection of teas.

Well today is the day – I found it: VCR coffee in Pudu, nearby Barlai. This renovated bungalow bearing a bold black color, a green garden filled with lazy adorable cats, is the home to the best coffee in town, mark my words. Inside a very welcoming team will happily guide you throughout the menu. For now, delicious coffees and to-die-for cakes are available, and soon a talented western-asian chef will be working his magic and proposing amazing dishes. After trying the unbelievable lemon cheesecake I have to say I am very eager to go back and try the full A la carte menu.

The cafe design is very zen and feng shui, mixing wood and concrete, black, metal and some green spaces. It creates a very relaxing and creative ambience, so much that I wanted to try every available spot, from the cosy terrace with the cats overlooking the grass, till the top floor and its floor to ceiling window that gives a very urban feeling to the place. I eventually went for the high bar nearby the window where I could see life passing by and feel my heart melting for this place.

Love is the air – and VCR too


Price range? RM7-25    

There was no bill today - so here is the full menu

There was no bill today – so here is the full menu


Favorite place ? the high table nearby the entrance 


Contact: VCR coffee, 2 japan Galloway, 50150 Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours: everyday 8.30am – 11pm

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