Mamma Mia Marini caffè

Baroque Chic @ M Marini Café

Baroque Chic @ M Marini Café

Gems are supposed to be hidden to create some excitement in their quest – and that describes M Marini Caffè to perfection.

Located inside Suria KLCC – undoubtedly the most visited mall in Kuala Lumpur since its iconic twin towers – M Marini Caffè manages to be out of the touristy way, in a secluded alley between Moschino, Chanel and Cartier. This open “caviar – champagne – caffe” is fitting into a new niche, unexplored until now in KL dining scene: the laid back cafe meets chic aperitif with a twist of italian baroque. What an exciting recipe for pleasure.

The menu boasts delicious breakfast options, a set lunch at 28RM including drinks and a main dish – hello delightful pasta from the talented chef Federico Michieletto – and also various A la carte options such as this old time favorite: fresh tiger prawns avocado and mango salad, revisited with a pinch of mint, crispy pine nuts and a flavory olive oil based dressing. The best ingredients are selected locally or imported, according to the season – for instance the actual mango season in Malaysia required some importation from Thailand to make sure the fruit is sweet and firm to perfection. Main dishes include  a catch of the day – and the attentive staff will definitely be able to inform you on the origin of each product, should you be very specific about river or sea catches.

Wine is available by the glass even though quite restricted – only one choice for white wine, same for red ; the best of italian wines are thus selected to assure you a delicious time.

Of course, M Marini’s Caffè aka  “caviar – champagne – caffe” offers a fine selection of… caviar. The delicacy comes from Russia, mother of all caviars, and Norway. I haven’t tried it so far but can only plan my next visit to taste this divine treat along with some champagne: the ideal treat after a long week for a romantic aperitif.

Price range? set lunch: RM28, A la carte: from RM25   

Bill @ M Marini Cafe

Bill @ M Marini Cafe

Favorite place ? a cosy table near to the oyster and caviar bar


Contact: M Marini Caffè, LCG04, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: everyday 10am – 10pm (mall’s opening times)


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