Bountiful Serena Brasserie



A stone throw away from the busy KLCC and its magnificent Petronas towers, the recently renovated Intercontinental hotel is nested in a tropical garden complete with reflective ponds. The impressive and stylish lobby gives access to the hype ONESIXFIVE, and the more laid back yet delicious Serena Brasserie. International food is served from breakfast till dinner and also includes local specialties such as a mouth watering Roti Canai, a very balanced Nasi Lemak, a conforting and spicy curry Laksa – and much more!

I was lucky enough to experience all kind of meals at Serena Brasserie, and if I have to elect my favorite, it would defenitely be the Sunday brunch. On this special day,I usually feel like having a decadent meal yet I am often indecise as to which cuisine would satisfy my appetite. Serena Brasserie answers all my needs – even the unsaid ones – by providing fresh seafood (hello oysters!), sunday roast and side healthy veggies, DIY cripsy salad with alfalfa sprouts available, fresh pasta made minute, tortillas, peking duck, soups, laksa, curry, you name it. And, cherry on the top of this huge cake, some cabans in the outside patio hosts dedicated chefs that will cook your meat and fish at the BBQ, or even indian teryaki upon your request.

Life would not be complete without sweets, hence the majestuous chocolate fountain proudly standing on the dessert buffet is an haunting ode to epicurism, with its fresh fruits and sweets ready to be dipped into the flowing dark chocolate. Arrays of mini crème brulées, chocolat fondant and creative macaroons are colorfully spread around, perfectly sized eye (and palate) candy.

Everything on the buffet and on the menu pairs well with the stellar selection of wines, should you want to reward yourself after a hard working week.


With whom? lovey dovey, friends, business         

Bill @ Serena Brasserie

Bill @ Serena Brasserie

Price range? RM120

Favorite place ? a  table by the window


Contact: Serena Brasserie, Intercontinental hotel, 165 jalan ampang, Kuala Lumpur – +60 3 2782 6168 –

Opening hours: everyday 6:00am – 12:00am