Fiesta pasar malam

Nom Nom Onipon

Nom Nom Onipon

It’s thursday morning in Mont Kiara and the neighborhoud wakes up lazily. All apart from a charming place, already vibrating with excitation as the stands build up: thursday is Pasar Malam day, or night market, in Plaza Mont Kiara. From midday onwards, excited co workers and inhabitants alike make their way between the alleys to buy their veggies, a local designer bag, some clothes, a refreshing coconut juice, Hello Kitty paraphernalia – you name it.

As the day goes by, more stands set up and the air is filled with the strong smell of fat on charcoal from the satay, mixing with the savoury sausages herbal scent, while a bit further the colorful waffles made minute go from a range of green (green tea) to red (cranberry) – captivating eye candy. A delicious Japanese stand, Onipon Japan, offers edamame to go – now you know where to get your protein fix – and 9 different flavours of Onigiri from tuna till red bean via wasabi. This is pure delight. Various kind of breads, biscotti in a nice gift box and homemade colorful cupcakes rub shoulders with gyozas, Nasi Lemak, Nasi tomato, and many colorful mouth watering malay dishes.

When night falls the Pasar malam is in full swing, and laughter mixes with shouts from the vendors, the stands owner happily joking with the queuing customers while all the sweet and grilled smells become one, the lovely and typical malaysian Pasar malam one.


With whom: co workers, friends   

Plaza Mont Kiara

Plaza Mont Kiara

Prices depend on what you buy  – Onigiri: 4RM; Box of biscotti: 25RM; Waffles: 3.50RM

Favorite stand: Onipon Japan


Contact: Pasar Malam, Plaza Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours: every thursday 12pm– 10pm