Bravissimo Urbano e Fresco

La pizza!

La pizza!

A good pizza is one of the best thing in life, if its preparation is well mastered. A crunchy but thin crust, some fresh and rich ingredients, a proper oven and a talented pizzaiolo guarantee an explosion of flavors for your tastebuds, aka a travel into the italian iconic gastronomy.

I have been hitting the pavement around KL for a perfect pizza in a nice atmosphere, and so far believe that the one prepared in this Italian restaurant, Urbano e Fresco, is the closest to perfection. The italian originated brand has opened its first Asian restaurant in Publika with an inviting atmosphere and alfresco area and most likely going to make you want to spend the afternoon there. Imported goods such as extra virgin italian olive oil are also available for the italian lovers shoppers. Just next door, Urbano e Fresco has a wine bar which provides the same menu and a delicious wine selection in a more urban atmosphere.

The menu is quite extensive and allows you to choose between delicious pasta, fresh and splendid salads and many pizzas. The freshest of ingredients are used, and we take our hats off to the chef for his perfect realization of all the dishes we have been trying there. Lately we enjoyed the “Urbano chef pizza”, which is basically a DIY pizza where you can choose three ingredients on top of the tomato base. It was a big hit, and it’s a great concept: being a bit picky, I sometimes need to ask for this ingredient or this other to be removed – no need here, you create it.

I can only say… Buon appetito in this very authentic italian restaurant!

With whom? Friends, lovey dove, business    

Bill @ Urbano e Fresco

Bill @ Urbano e Fresco

Price range? RM10 – RM35

Favorite place ? a high table alfresco


Contact: Urbano e Fresco, Publika D2-G3-3A – Kuala Lumpur; 1300 30 3333

Opening hours: everyday, 11am – 11pm

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