Typical chap fan @ Ah Sou

Ah Sou chap fan

Ah Sou chap fan

I wasn’t familiar with Chap fan hawker food until I came to live in Malaysia. So let me introduce you to this very cultural way of dining, typical to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand: in a chap fan, usually the dishes are home cooked and a large selection of them is presented to the clients – armed with your plate containing some steam rice, you pick and add as much and as many of the dishes you like, and pay at the end. It is usually inexpensive dining options, thus also known as “mixed rice” or “economy rice” and represents the local culture of communal dining.

Don’t be fooled – an inexpensive dining out hawker doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be excellent! For the sake of trying one of the most famous (and delicious) Chap fan in Kuala Lumpur, head to Ah Sou Chap Fan, or Lew She Kang restaurant at the first floor of Wisma Central. The workers from the nearby towers are lining up to get some stewed pork belly, tofu skin (Fu chuck), vegetables or tea eggs. Follow the crowd and get ready to select the dishes that seems appealing to you – the selection is wide with more than 30 dishes, and all the ones I have tried were really tasty, with bold flavor and a perfect seasoning. A meal shouldn’t cost you more than RM5, unless you really went mad on those Chinese sausage and herbal chicken!

The aunty and uncle running this place are charming, and even though communicating in english could be a wee bit difficult, they will keep an eye on you and remind you to take some of the free soup and Chinese tea at the back – perfect to balance a delicious home cooked meal.


With whom? co workers, friends     

my delicious meal

my delicious meal

Price range? RM5 – RM8

Favorite place ? outside table


Contact: Ah Sou Chap Fan, 1st floor Wisma Central, japan Ampang – Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours: lunch time