Long tail & fresh fishes @ Fisherman’s

IMG_1249While in Koh Phangan, finding delicious, affordable and creative dining options can reveal a bit difficult – the emphasis being more on the party on this delightful thai island… Oh yes, Full moon parties, jungle parties, half moon parties and so on are plenty, but where to eat before a great night out or after a magnificent snorkeling session around the island? Fisherman’s is the place not to be missed.

Opened 6 years ago by a local fishing family, this beautiful and authentic seaside restaurant has a perfect scenery – two preloved long tail boats are set facing the sea and make a perfect seating for a dining, that is if you managed to get a seat in those cosy, lovely and very often booked tables in the fishing boats. The big wooden tables are great and also facing the sea, and the very lovely light decoration done on the beach is so chic and so simple at the same time, one can only be in awe.

After being amazed by the settings, we had to make a choice in the very generous menu, obviously fresh fish oriented! There are some thai cuisine (curries, etc.) and western options to satisfy all appetites. We ordered the local mussels cooked in a slightly chili sauce and lemongrass, the clams with a wine sauce as starters – it was pure magic. The seafood was super fresh and tasty and the salsa made to perfection. I haven’t been eating such wonderful seafood in a long time. Then we had the seafood platter, including fresh crab, king prawns, and many more fresh and tasty produces of the sea. We had some good italian white wine to go with it and were feeling truly lucky to have found this eden on the party island – this is a gourmet place, if you enjoy seafood and fishes, it shouldn’t be missed. Our only slight disappointment was on the cocktails, not really on the same standard. Have some wine / beer instead.

It is also a great place to enjoy the sunset lazily lying on the beach part of the restaurant, in one of the cosy fat boys. Oh, and did I mention the great service? very attentive, great recommendation – a perfect evening.

Long Tail @ night

Long Tail @ night

With whom ? lovey dovey, friends

Price range ? $5 –  $25 / dish

Favorite place ? in one of the long tail boat! 


Contact: Fisherman’s restaurant, Baan Tai pier, Koh Phangan – Surat thani province, Thailand

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 1pm – 10pm