Fusion @ Melur & Thyme

Curry Mee @ M&T

Curry Mee @ M&T

KLCC eating out options now count a classy and intriguing new venue: Melur & Thyme. Located on a quiet aisle of Suria KLCC that already hosts The Harrods café, this modern restaurant with a nostalgic touch reminding us of kopitiams has a small sophisticated indoor and a pleasant alfresco area. Those of you familiar with ABC will find many similarities from the décorum till the menu; if it is not the same house, it is definitely the same talented designer that was involved in both, Brian Quirk.

What about the food then? Well the menu is aiming towards fusion food with its east-meets-west structure, including local favourites / comfort food such as a delicious herbal duck soup, Curry Mee, aglio & olio pasta – they are realized with taste and easiness and will delight your palate.

A seemingly new concept is introduced here and will perfectly fit afterwork gathering, or big friendly tables: the fusion tapas. One can choose from traditional delicious duck satay, to more European chicken liver paté, lemon-grass quail eggs or even chinese spring rolls. The tapas are a treat to share, but if you prefer healthier options, the fresh and refreshing salads are also available.

The portions are generous, and each time we went we got so excited by the tapas and the mains that we didn’t get to try the apparently sophisticated chocolate desserts.

If the food and the atmosphere are delicious, the service still needs improvements – especially if you choose the alfresco area to enjoy your food.

With whom? Business, friends  

Bill @ M&T

Bill @ M&T

Price range? RM11 – RM39

Favorite place ? alfresco… (nb: see comment on service there though)


Contact: Lot G03H (groundfloor), Suria KLCC – Kuala lumpur ; +60 321818001

Opening hours: everyday, 8am – 10pm

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