Beauty at the Beast

Sexy beast!

Sexy beast!

The dining scene in Kuala Lumpur is quite vibrant and exciting right now, thanks to one of it’s major actor, Benjamin Yong and his BIG group . I have never been disappointed and was thus really much looking forward to discover the beauty of its latest opening, the carnivore and classy Beast. And boy, I loved it! The flashy oversized bulb sign on the outside doesn’t prepare you for the cosy, dark, classy and very gentlemen-ish atmosphere of the inside. Big wooden tables made to share a rich meal with friends, chesterfields to feel like a lord and also more intimate areas will for sure allow you to find the perfect place for your feast.

The theme here is obviously meat, and amateurs will be delighted by the wide choice – tenderloin, ribeye, but also burgers and foie gras, steak tartare or bone marrow are some of the groovy delicacies that one can taste at Beast. There are also some fish options such as salmon if a non-carnivore guest gets in. The signature dishes are masterised to perfection, the meat cooked as you want it with a bit of salsa to enhance its already oh so gorgeous taste – the truffle bearnaise is a luxurious and gourmet ravishment! Don’t be shy and order some sides, they will conquer your palate by their aromatics flavors, such as the parmesan mushroom chips. The portions are very generous and the presentation is modern while enhancing the dish, for instance on solid wooden boards for meat.

This innovative restaurant also has the good taste of serving, like french people do, some bread with your meal. But don’t be fooled, for this bread is a beer bread made with the brownish ale Kilkenny – the savor is surprising, the smell delicate and if you use the virgin olive oil in a spray on top of it, you are in for an exceptional treat. To finish your beasty feast, some desserts from every corner of the world are presented – crèpes suzette done the french way (flambées by the waiter), peanut shortbread or the very eerie Rum & raisins pudding.

So, unleash the carnivore beast inside you and get ready for some beauty at the Beast!

With whom? lovey dovey, friends  

Bill @ Beast

Bill @ Beast

Price range? RM25 – RM600 (meat piece)

Favorite place ? table at the back overviewing the kitchen and the salle


Contact: Beast, LOT G01 The Intermark – 182 Jalan Tun Razak – Kuala Lumpur ; 03 2163 5732

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday : 5pm -12pm

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