Jazzy Mezze Lounge

Mezze Lounge

Mezze Lounge

If things are heating up in the culinary front in Kuala Lumpur, the same isn’t true for the jazz scene. Apart from Alexi’s and No Black tie, the jazz concerts are virtually non-existents… Or at least that’s what I believed before entering the Mezze Lounge bar, an intimate bar infused with charming, relaxed atmosphere – reminiscent of the old smoked filled european jazz bars of the 60’s

On fridays and saturdays from 9.30pm onwards, jazz concerts of locals and international artists are held – and the bar soon becomes crowded, filled with soothing music, cigars, wine and laughter. Jazz is a serious business at Mezze ; a 7 hours jazz marathon was even held in 2012 to celebrate international Jazz day, and every weekend a quality music program assures you a feet tapping and heart warming concert.

Wine and whisky aficionados will be pleased by one of the best cellar of Kuala Lumpur. The extensive list of wines from all over the world includes some top quality wines from France, that can hence be quite expensive, but oh so delicious. Single malt whiskies from the best distilleries in Scotland are also available to ravish your palate.

Downstairs you can have some food at Mezze Bistro, with many pork options in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It is actually a place where coworkers come to unwind post business hours, but also groups of friends and dates – so I am sure you will find the right occasion to visit soon!



With whom? lovey dovey, friends   

Mezze bill

Mezze bill

Price range? RM30 – RM500

Favorite place ? A table close enough to the band


Contact: 132 jalan kasah medan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur – + 60 3 20950122

Opening hours: monday – saturdays, 4pm – 1am


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