Dim Sum paradise

love the Crab XLB

love the Crab XLB

I never had Dim Sum until I tasted the ones of Din Tai Fung.

I thought I tried Dim Sum – or Xiao Long Bao, or dumplings – in local places that looked typical. But it had nothing to do with what you get in this award winning restaurant originated from Taipei.

The Xiao Long Bao are made ‘minute’, on your request, and are the successful and astonishing result of a recipe that has been improved to reach perfection for more than 30 years. For first timers, a little leaflet will be handed to you to show you how to enjoy these delicacies as it should be, and once you put into your mouth the perfectly balanced and flavored dumpling, it is an explosion of the senses. You just want to grab some more, while drinking some nicely infused jasmine tea.

There are some vegetarians options (brilliant !), pork dumplings, red beans ones… the choice is actually quite huge – and there are also some delicious dishes for those of you who would want to have some more hearty food. Don’t miss the La mian noodles here – noodles made by hand – they are light, with texture though, delicious and will certainly be the bed noodles you ever had!

Even though the interior of the restaurant can be very noisy and hence won’t give an intimate feeling to your dinner, the experience is really worth it.

The michelin star awarded to Din Tai Fung and its ranking as one of the top restaurant in the world by the New York Times are totally deserved – it would be a pity if you didn’t indulge in such a delicious treat.

With whom? lovey dovey, friends   

bill @ Din Tai Fung

bill @ Din Tai Fung

Price range? RM5 – RM25

Favorite place ? at the back, it is a bit more quiet


Contact: several places are now open in KL – Pavilion, The gardens and eCurve – http://dintaifungmalaysia.com 

Opening hours: every day, 10 am – 10pm

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