Feeling Homey @ The Apartment

Lobster @ the apartment

Lobster @ the apartment

This is a place to enjoy a breezy, relaxed and deliciously simple lunch or dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, ‘Simple’ here as in a positive emphasis ; the dishes are tasty, elaborate, offering you classics and contemporary, asian and western options.


It is also a pleasant place to go for a drink or a coffee, in the hot afternoon to enjoy the view on the skyline and the lake, or in the evening after a cosy dinner at ABC for instance. An uncomplicated, ravishing ‘homey’ place where you will always find what you are looking for, all this for a very reasonnable price.

The restaurant is is just nearby Malones, a lively and crowded Irish pub – if that can be convenient it seems to create some confusion in customer’s mind, and not giving it the credit it deserves – being often associated to a pub cheap and easy food

Hence the Apartment is undergoing a change in direction, and amongst the noticeable (and valuable changes for us!), the menu has some delicious new options available. Of course, I really enjoyed the mango and duck salad (just the hint of spices required to liven things up) the burgers, the tapas and the pasta (al dente) at The apartment. They are well prepared, hearty, tasty and good. So when I discovered there is now a more chic “luxurious” menu, with lobster for instance, I had to try it. and I can assure you, it was as good as it gets! The quality of the lobster is undeniable, the meat is cooked perfectly and the little tomato salsa to go with it assures you a light and tasty explosion-of-the-senses kind of lunch.

The changes will be undergoing for the next few weeks so you should definitely Watch out for the Apartment and try all their new delicious, mouth watering, delicate dishes.

Oh, and did I mention that the wine menu has a wide range of perfectly adequate wines that will make a heaven pair with your menu ?


With whom? lovey dovey, friends

the apartment bill

the apartment bill

Price range? RM12 – RM140

Favorite place ? table facing the lake


Contact: 1st floor, Suria KLCC – Kuala Lumpur; http://www.atheapartment.com

Opening hours: everyday, 11am – 10pm

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