Baguettes & pastries @ Levain

Bakery area

Bakery area

Are you fond of baguettes, macaroons, cakes and other innovative buns ? Then Levain is the right place to enjoy all this while sipping a tea under a pleasant pergola,  for an afternoon or a morning treat, with your friends or your favorite book.

The (huge) bakery area is mouth watering – crispy baguettes, sandwiches that remind me of Paul’s sandwiches (seed bread with turkey and cheese), but also naan bread with curry, salted muffins, quiches, and much more ! The specificity of Levain is to use a stone oven and yeast to bake bread and pastries. However, don’t be fooled by the name : even though french technique might be used here, you will not find much typical french food  in Levain. Lets say that the iconic items like the baguette and the macaroons are present, which is a great treat, but with the chefs being japanese, australian and local – expect more of an asian / australian baking style, with a very innovative twist.

A menu is also available to order pasta or pizza mostly, burgers also – and no alcohol. The quality is ok I guess, the service very efficient, however I was not totally satisfied with the very simple lunch there. I might have been expecting some french signatures in the menu, thus was highly disappointed.

Hence my advice : this is the perfect place to enjoy some delicious pastries and quiches (and macaroons !) in a really relaxing atmosphere, while also being a great central location to buy french baguettes

It is worth to be noted that this lovely renovated colonial bungalow in the Imbi neighborhood has a cosy atmosphere and decorum that will make you forget you are in KL for a few hours, and make you travel for Provence for instance…


With whom? lovey dovey, friends   levain bill

Price range? RM6 – RM20 / pastry item – dish

Favorite place ? Pergola!


Contact: Levain Boulangerie & Bakery – No. 7, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur  – +603 2142 6611 

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 7.30am – 9pm


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