Yeast rhymes with feast

Yeast BistronomyAs soon as you set eyes on this French restaurant and bakery in the lovely Bangsar Telawi area, your mind starts to wander and takes you to France, obviously. The door opens and it’s a marvellous smell of just out-of-the-oven bread that invades your nostrils, you remember those sunny mornings in Paris bitting in a warm baguette you just bought…

Seating down on those lovely bistrot chairs, you discover the menu : all the classics are here, « poulet rôti grand mere » (grandma’s roasted chicken), « gougères au gruyère » (cheese puffs), « boeuf bourguignon ». And also some french dishes with a twisted modern touch like the safron pasta or the Snails soufflé – the chef has been working with internationally awarded chefs, hence the classics mixing subtly with the modern touch.

We chose the egg with comté and the snails soufflé to start with – both were a big success, just like the mains: duck and the truffle perfumed pasta. All this comes with homemade bread, some delicious variety – we had to stop ourselves from asking for some more. The wine menu is also really interesting; mainly french wines, and some new world wine to satisfy your taste.

The owner, Christophe Chatron Michaud, is a very passionate and lovely French guy, that takes the time to take you through the menu, answer your questions or advice you on a dish that you will love, while still keeping an eye on everything and helping his staff.

We loved the atmosphere of the place, the kindness of the owner and the great service – oh, and did I mention that the price is one of an average restaurant in KL (40Rm/dish),with really generous portions ? All this, and the delicious croissants we brought home and hate in the morning as a réminiscence of this lovely evening makes me say – Yeast is a feast, definitely!

With whom ? Business, lovey dovey  Bill

Price range ? RM15 –  RM60 / dish

Favorite place ? either outside on the terrace, or on the ‘banquette to observe the kitchen 


Contact: Yeast, 12 Jalan Telwai 6, Bangsar Baru – Kuala Lumpur ;

Opening hours: Tuesday – sunday, 8am till late

Food in KL – Yeast – Kuala Lumpur