Hype Tea @ Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin oriental in KL has an ideal location – in KLCC, overlooking the park, right next to the Petronas and Suria KLCC.

Tea on the parkWhat you don’t even suspect, walking in those gorgeous gardens, is that there is actually a hidden and relaxed place where you can go for a drink, coffee or, for a hype afternoon tea ; the Mandarin oriental « lounge on the park ».

After an exhausting (and useless) afternoon shopping in Surria, we decided to indulge and try this famous glamourous afternoon tea. What a delight to be seated on a cosy couch directly facing the park, surrounded by singing birds, green luxurious trees and freshness ! The service was a bit slow though, which gave us time to appreciate the surroundings.

Only one afternoon tea set was remaining – hence we had to share it. When the sandwiches and other sweet delicacies arrived on the nice rounded présentoir, closely followed by custard and jams, we were in awe. It is very délicate and delicious once you taste it ! The custard and jams go perfectly well with the delicious scones, while the other sweet or salty snacks are exquisite. Actually we were happy only one set was remaining – it is so generous !

The tea selection is wide and gives an opportunity to tea lovers to enjoy High quality tea.

Going to the afternoon tea in the Mandarin oriental is a real treat in a serene and magic environnement.

With whom ? lovey dovey  Bill Mandarin Oriental

Price range ? RM78 / tea set

Favorite place ? outside, on a couch facing the gardens


Contact: Mandarin Oriental, Lounge on the park – KLCC Park, +60 (3) 2179 8883

Opening Hours: 8am – 1am

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