The Best chicken fish is in Jalan Alor !

Chicken FishYou might have heard about this typical malay dish – chicken fish – now where to eat it ? After several attempts, I can only recommend the delicious, freshly grilled one in Cu cha restaurant (mamak / hawker) in Jalan alor.

It comes, like all fishes, in several sizes, and you can obviously choose what suits your appetite better. Since the fish is cooked especially when you order it, it might take some time, but when it arrives on the table, it will just take minutes to eat it – it is actually delicious. Now why the name ? does it taste like chcken ? Actually it doesn’t, the name might come because of the big head or the fish meat which is really dense (and might recall somehow of chicken)… Or was it just invented to fool tourists ? who knows ! It comes with bowls of spices that you can add to your convenience, and can be ordered with rice and vegetables for a perfect balanced dinner. The fish isn’t expensive, maybe even cheaper than the other ones. And if you don’t fancy trying it, well Cu Cha offers a wide range of others dishes – including frog porridge, crabs, etc.

It is a place where a lot of locals go, because of the freshness and quality of the ingredients. It is also a good way to discover and hang in jalan alor in the evening – a street where you can eat on the street (obviously) but whithout the crowd of the chinese neighborhood.

Have a try and tell me if it’s your favourite place to eat this malay dish !

With whom ? Friends, lovey dovey  bill chicken fish

Price range ? 15 – 40RM / dish

Favorite place ? on of the table in the center rows


Opening hours: Cu cha restaurant, 75 Jalan Alor, KL –  everyday from 2pm till late 

Food in KL – Chicken Fish – Jalan Alor – Kuala Lumpur