Indian treat on Banana Leaves – Vishal

Vishal Food & Banana leaf

There is a wide range of indian restaurants in KL, but Vishal has this something special – call it authenticity maybe – that makes you love it as soon as you seat on the simple (yet very efficient) restaurant

The waiters will immediatly come like bees around you, one to set the banana leave (your plate) in front of you, another the gobelet for the fresh water, and the other one with the curry pots. Because when you go to Vishna you have to try the specialty : the curry. Of course you can choose other dishes from the buffet, but this is really the best place to try it

So if you take this option, the waiters will set on the leaf several dips / salsa mixes, then you can choose the type of rice you want, and also which curry – vegetarian, chicken or fish, spicy or not.

Add some popadums to help you eat this amazing curry with your (right) hand, and believe me, you will want to come back here as soon as possible.

Vishal is located in the typical Indian area, Brickfields, and it is a nice starting point to visit the temples nearby for instance, or the Wei Ling art gallery.

With whom ? Friends, lovey dovey  Bill @ Visha

Price range ? 5RM / dish

Favorite place ? the table at the back, close to the kitchen


Contact: 603-22740995 , 22 Jalan Scott – Brickfields, KL

Opening times: everyday 

Food in KL – Vishal – Kuala Lumpur