Yummy Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki @ PavilionOriginated from Japan, this cooking on hot plate style is now internationnaly renowned and going to the one in Pavilion Food court is a great way to experience it.

The counter is quite huge and in circle, and you are seating facing the chef, so that you can stare at each one of his fast chip chop. This is an art, actually !

So what an you eat ? Basically, all the sets contains boiled rice, fresh vegetables cooked in front of you – and then you can choose beef, chickin, seafood… I would highly recommend the beef set – it is delicious, fresh and just the right amount of protein for your busy (shopping ?) day !

As you may notice, the chefs, really professionals and well trained, are not japanese but malay. So maybe it explains why this Teppanyaki is cheaper than Japanese ones – with the same great quality though !

With whom ? Friends, lovey dovey

Price range ? 13 – 35RM / dish

Best seat ? In front of the hot plate, obviously!


Contact : Food republic, Lower ground – Pavilion Mall, Bukit Bintang KL

Opeing times : everyday 

Food in KL – Teppanyaki – Kuala Lumpur