PS Café… PS:I love you

psOne of my local friend took us to PS café, in Dempsey hills, on a glorious saturday morning. It is a 10 minutes taxi ride from orchard road, but as soon as you get off the taxi, you feel on holiday / in the forest / very fresh (tick as appropriate). The PS café is the very first café when arriving, and just a glimpse to it makes you want to spend your whole day there, reading books, chatting with friends while enjoying remarquable food and wine. Since it is so lovely AND booking are not accepted – at least on saturday & sunday for brunches –  you will have to queue and wait a bit before getting your table. The good thing about queueing here, is that you can peak at the beautiful cakes and muffin, and start to be even more hungry… (or is it not a good thing?!)

The food is quite western oriented, with classic french bites like Croque monsieur, or more english with the Portobello stack for instance. Actually the variety of dishes is wide, and you might want to try the whole menu. We took different options, ranging from tomato soup, beef sandwich, wonderful pasta with perfectly cooked beans and other vegetables just as good, to the classic bacon & eggs. And I can assure you, it was a total hit, with a gorgeous Chablis to go with this relaxing lunch! The muffins and other cakes look just amazing, but you will have to try and let me know – was feeling so filled up with beautiful food and sights, couldn’t try them!

With whom ? Friends, lovey dovey

Price range ? $18 – $35 / dish

Favorite place ? a table outside, close to the trees – to feel even more on a city break


Contact: PS Café  – 28B Harding Rd  Singapore 249549 – +65 9070 8782

Open: monday to sunday, 11.30AM – 1.00 AM 


Foodin’KL – PS Café – Singapore