In love with DB Bistro Moderne

Saffron Pasta @ DB

Saffron Pasta @ DB

Singapore is famous for many things, amongst which its architecture and its cuisine (also the expats and the malls but this is another subject). In Marina Bay Sands, road signs will even guide you towards the ‘celebrity chefs restaurants’.

One of them is DB bistro moderne, run by the award winning french chef Daniel Boulud, from Lyon. This french city is renowned for its cuisine, the famous local restaurants are the bouchons lyonnais and they tend to include comforting  food, with cheese, charcuterie and other delicacies.

Hence the french chef offers you here some fine charcuterie that will send you right back to Paris and will make you feel an urge to speak french, while also revisiting the classic bistro dishes, such as burgers, foie gras, pasta, and much more.

I really enjoyed the finesse and the précision with which the food was prepared – you absolutely need to try the Saffron pasta with fresh crab ! This is so tasty, rich in flavours, cooked perfectly, you actually start to eat very slowly to appreciate every inch of it. That’s one of the signature dishes and as soon as you try it you understand it. The only disappointment came from the foie gras – it was served with mushroom purée, and fenels, so actually you don’t taste the foie gras which has a really subtle flavour and is usually eaten on its own or with light tasting ingrédients. Apart from that, the wine was amazing – the wine sélection is incredible- the mignardises were delicious, and the service was perfect. Thanks to the staff for their kindness, explanation and smiles.

Even though prices might be a bit higher than in any western restaurant, you should really indulge in this ‘celebrity restaurant’, as the food is really Worth the money.

With whom ? Business, lovey dovey    Bill @ DB

Price range ? $20 –  $40 / dish

Favorite place ? one of the table close to the kitchen to observe the cooks


Contact: The shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront avenue, Singapore 018972 – +6566888525


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